Tarsus İlçe Milli eğitim Müdürlüğü – Tarsus Directorate of National Education is the highest authority regarding educational activities in the city of Tarsus. The Directorate consists of basic education, secondary education, vocational and technical education, religious education, special education and counselling services, lifelong learning.

Their vision is taking lessons from the past and directing the future; synthesizing data from positive sciences; to be a leading institution that raises happy generations, capable to lead the change.

The total number of students in the district is 72.962. The number of teachers is more than 4000. Being close to large metropolitan areas like Mersin and Adana, it receives a lot of immigration. Contributed to many local, national and transnational projects.

The most important focus of their activity is in education and training. Ensuring access to education and training to all categories of students, material data base, training of teachers and educational guidance are all coordinated by Tarsus MEM for the entire school population of the municipality.

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Tarsus Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi – Tarsus Vocational and Technical High School was built in 1961 and began with education in leveling (machine) and furniture section and now is the most comprehensive educational school of the region. This school is characterized as an institution providing training by 160 staff to around 2.500 students. Also, there are 60 disadvantaged (physical, economic, cultural) students in the school. Being a VET school, we can find specializations like Machine Technology, Metal Technology, Chemical Technology, Wood Technology, Electric-Electronic Technologies, Information Technology and Automatization Technology Fields.

It is one of the 111 schools in Turkey in which (SVOC) Specialized Vocational Obtaining Center projects are being implemented. Empowered by that, the school policy gives a great importance to Research and Development. Together with attending to Regional and National, Vocational and Technical expositions, the school also constantly attends to National Robot Building competitions.

One of the main aspects of the management strategy is to leave no students behind and tackle school failure and risk of dropout by any means, among which innovative teaching, individualized approach and projects.

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