Municipality of Ruma has 30.000 residents and is a local self-government in Vojvodina, Serbia. Municipality plans/implements policies related to environmental protection, civil defence, health care, culture, youth, spatial planning, education etc. Municipality coordinates other public bodies under its supervision, NGOs, businesses to ensure that economic development is sustainable and efficient. It puts special focus on exchange of experience and best practice examples applied all around European Union. Since Serbia is in the pre-accession status, Ruma is trying to stay in touch with recent EU policies and directives whihc could be and will be applied to Serbia in the upcoming period. Ruma especially supports youth exchanges and raising capacities of young people who are incorporated in the  primary/secondary/tertirary education system. Municipality promotes EU values, engages citizens and it has twinned and signed cooperation agreeements with the municipalities from Croatis, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Chech Republic etc. In our municipality territory live more than 180 Roma families.

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Stil mladih

NGO “Youth Style” is located in Ruma, town in Vojvodina near Belgrade and Novi Sad, which is a multicultural and multilingual region in Serbia. We are very motivated and we want to implement our experience in our future work. Our NGO deals with social child care, the improvement of the quality of existing educational system (pre-school, elementary, secondary and lifelong education ), as well as the development of a society which learns through participation and development of projects.

The aims of the organisation are:

  • education of children, young people and adults
  • improvement of the cooperation between the governmental and non-governmental sector locally, regionally and internationally
  • improvement of the life of children, young people and adults through formal and informal education
  • merging and cooperating within different projects
  • working with talented children and children with disabilities

NGO Youth Style cooperates well with schools from Ruma and it can enable contacts with potential partners as well as job shadowing activities for general, professional education and education of adults. Good cooperation with the municipality of Ruma can be beneficial for certain projects with the municipality as a partner. Our organisation has excellent cooperation with our town museum and library in several local projects. NGO Youth Style can also offer accommodation, transport and the service of professional tourist guides. Being close to Belgrade, Novi Sad, Fruska Gora-which is rich in monasteries, Sremska Mitrovica-historical good, gives a wide spectrum of possibilities after obligations regarding projects.

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